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This is one of the harshest steroids in the world, with extreme side effects that show too soon. Although it leaves the body in 4 hours thanks to its short life span, mibolerone has extreme side effects if used for a long time. It has no direct effect on muscle building, but is used to increase the aggression in an athlete. Available in tablets that are put underneath the tongue, mibolerone is a steroid that is 5.9 times more anabolic and 2.5 times more androgenic than testosterone. Mibolerone is a 19-nor androgen, and is a 17AA compound therefore is extremely toxic to the liver.

Initially, this was a steroid used to keep female dogs in check. It was used to regulate their heat cycles and influence the quality and number of puppies they produce in a year. On humans, it makes the users more aggressive thus increasing physical performance in sports. This means that with mibolerone, players will train more and will train harder to perform well in whatever discipline. The aggression produced by mibolerone means a lot of strength for the athlete. It reduces the tiredness and soreness an athlete feels after a training session. Mibolerone is one of the best steroids for bulking but not necessarily one for lean muscle building.

Mibolerone does not aromatize in the body and given the fact that it is five times more active than testosterone, you should expect a lot more energy in your body when using mibolerone than regular testosterone steroids. Mibolerone has the effect of shutting down the normal natural supply of testosterone in the body. Using Mibolerone for a long time causes the reduced supply of testosterone and the subsequent wasting of the developed muscles.

Mibolerone is an extremely toxic compound which should be taken with care. It should never be taken by anyone for more than 2 weeks and the maximum dosage is 200mcg for an adult. If it is used for more than the recommended two weeks, it will suppress the natural secretion of testosterone and will be toxic to the liver. The same is the case if the standard dosage of 200 mcg is not respected. If the dosage is too little, it may not have the desired effects and if too much, it will be toxic. Since it does not aromatize in the body, the levels of progesterone increase, therefore there is a need to use mibolerone with anti-progesterone.

The side effects of mibolerone are drastic; one of them being gynecomastia in men. If abused, liver problems will result and so will hypertension. The effects of aggression include insomnia and excessive aggression which may lead to crime in some cases. This calls for the strict regulation of mibolerone when being used. You must consult a doctor before using it. Some of the effects of mibolerone on women are too dangerous and that’s the reason why it is rarely used by women. It can cause spontaneous abortions in pregnant women or adversely affect an unborn child. The child may develop liver problems and the mother will have to deal with external male characteristics like the growth of the Adam’s apple and facial hair among others.

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