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Mibolerone is one of the fastest acting steroids in the world and with the short half-life it possesses, it will leave your system in less than four hours. However, this is not the steroid to use for a long time as the side effect can be extremely dangerous. If you are looking for a steroid to build your muscles and improve their leanness and so forth, you have looked in the wrong place. Mibolerone will not help you in any way to increase the size of your muscles although it is well known for the increase in aggression in the athlete users. It works faster and is more potent than testosterone and is ingested by putting beneath the tongue. This is a compound that has been chemically altered to prevent it from being ingested by the stomach and being useless to the body in the long run. However, for this reason it is very dangerous and will cause a lot of harm to your liver if used for a long time.

People who want to increase their aggression before a match can make use of it 30 minutes before the match for the necessary aggression. It can be used two weeks prior to the match to increase the aggression of the user in the last two weeks of practicing before going for the match. It will not perform any part in increasing your muscle size, but will increase your aggression so that you are not unnecessarily tired and wasting time on injuries. You will recover faster from your injuries when you make use of Mibolerone but this is not a steroid to be used all the time thanks to its toxicity to the liver.

In the beginning, this was a steroid that worked to control the ovulation in female dogs. It controlled breeding cycles and pet breeders were used to determining when their dogs will be in heat and when they will not be in heat. This has been used by humans for the increase in their aggression although it has been banned in many sports that regulate the performance of their athletes.

Mibolerone does not aromatize. This is the process of transformation of testosterone into estrogen; the characteristic of most steroids that are based on testosterone. Given the fact that this is a steroid that has a lot more energy compared to testosterone, you should expect that you will have a lot more energy in your system. However, with the constant use of Mibolerone (it should never be used for more than two weeks at any one time) it could lead to the shutting down of testosterone supply in your body and the wasting of the muscles that were initially developed thanks to Mibolerone. It is natural that with any external supply of testosterone that seems to be better, the body will shut down the natural supply of testosterone. In men, this will mean that it may affect their sexual libido and may lead to issues with reproduction and so forth. Among the side effects in men include gynecomastia, which is reversible only by surgery.

You can expect that you will have some hypertension, or at least it will increase the hypertension that you already have in your system. Some of the other effects include “roid rage” which is the other name for aggression-gone-wrong. The effects of roid rage could go as far as suicide, murder and other types of crime. You may have insomnia and in female users, it may lead to problems with reproduction in both men and women. Pregnant users are advised to stop the usage of Mibolerone upon the discovery of their pregnancies as this could lead to the termination of pregnancy.

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