Side Effects of Mibolerone

Mibolerone is said to be the steroid that Mike Tyson was using when the incident of ear biting of his opponent took hype. This is fast acting steroid and used a few minutes before a match mainly for the increase in the aggression levels of the user. Many users have used it way long before a match to increase their aggression and subsequently their physical output. This will increase the strength of the user as well which will be beneficial during the match. However, the side effects of Mibolerone are extreme and one is advised to think about what he is getting himself into when he wants to start using Mibolerone. Think about what you are going to gain in relation to what you may face as side effects. Some of the side effects that are associated with Mibolerone are the following

First, you will have liver damage if you use Mibolerone in large doses for a long time. This is an oral steroid, which has been modified to prevent it from being digested by the body. When you are using it for a long time, it will cause unnecessary pressure on the liver and could cause a lot of damage to it. Users who are susceptible to cancer and hepatitis or have had histories of any liver illnesses should never use any kind of steroid, leave alone Mibolerone.

Second Mibolerone compromises the natural production of testosterone in the body. This means that you will have a lot of estrogen in the body and which could lead to gynecomastia among male users and Virilization with female users. Mibolerone can be used alongside some anti-estrogenic compounds to prevent gynecomastia from taking place. Having a lot of estrogen in the body also means water retention and this leads to muscles that do not have any physical output. Although it has been banned on women, we have to explore the side effects Mibolerone has on female users who use them. Virilization comes in different strengths depending on the time of use and the dosage. If a lot of Mibolerone has been used, some side effects like clitoral hypertrophy will be witnessed. Some of the most common side effects of using Mibolerone for a long time include deepening of the voice, development of the Adams apple and growth of facial hair among female users.

Other side effects include hypertension which increases the chances of the user developing diseases of the heart. Having said that, those who already have hypertension or who have a high chance of developing it need to watch out when using Mibolerone. A low testosterone supply in men caused by Mibolerone could lead to loss of muscle and subsequent loss of strength. While there are a lot of benefits that can be gained from using Mibolerone there are a lot of losses as well. If aggression is not well directed, it could lead to a lot of altercations with the law, stress and depression as well as potential suicide. Care should be taken to avoid this.

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